Located in Dublin, we are a church plant of Joyful Church (Korean). We are a community of the broken, the weak, the lost, and the abandoned, who have found God's love in Jesus. Our doors are open wide, so come and be part of our church. We worship alongside the Korean-speaking Joyful Church which provides Children’s and Youth ministry.

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Our longing for community

We started as a house church, and though we meet in a building now, we carry on the house church ethos and sense of community. At the core, we are a family in relation with God and with each other.

A Different kind of church

We believe in everyone's participation in Sunday worship. May it be sharing a prayer, scripture, an encouragement, an admonition, a confession, or a song, we all take part in building each other up.

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Value #1
True Worship

"What did I get out of it?" We tend to judge worship by focusing on ourselves. Instead, true worship is about how much God got out of it. True worship is about giving and surrendering ourselves to God.

Value #2
Gospel in our Brokenness

"Why confess my sins to another person?" Church can become a place to hide our brokenness and fake religiosity. Instead, we want to expose our sin and brokenness so that the Gospel may shine.

Value #3

"If you cause me pain, I'll cut you off!" Instead of protective love, we are called to address relational difficulties with each other. Only the Gospel can empower us to truly forgive and love one another.

Value #4

"Discipleship is only for some people." The privilege of discipleship belongs not to the dedicated few, but to all members. Each person is gifted by God to build each other up, and everyone is essential for our total growth.

Value #5

"Why can't we stay comfortable?" God's heart is a missional heart. His desire to seek and save the lost continually pushes us to love outside our walls and share the Gospel.

Open Gates Church

But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong.

1 Corinthians 1:27